Fair and Sustainable Underwear

At DaDa, it is important for us to create a brand that is sustainable in every way. We want to help empower people and places to carry on as they have since long before we arrived.


All of our manufacturing is done in Sri Lanka which is renowned for its high quality production and ethical standards compared to other parts of the world.  We have developed a strategic partnership with our manufacturer based on shared values:

- All workers are paid a ‘living wage’.

- Meals are provided for workers each day.

- All of the plants are ISO9001 accredited.

- All plants are ‘Garments without Guilt’ certified.


In order to help empower our surroundings to continue, we use interesting fabrics that are natural and more sustainable than most of their counterparts. Any of our fabrics that use any synthetic materials are made mostly from natural fibres and we focus on fabrics that use a closed-loop process that means any chemicals used are recycled.. We use 100% organic cotton to ensure no harmful chemicals are applied in the production of cotton. 

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