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  • What happens if I buy it as a gift?

    You can select ‘Buy as a Gift’ and purchase a one year subscription for someone else. You will receive a voucher with a unique code for you to give to them. They can ‘Use Voucher’ on our site to select their delivery address and preferences. The perfect gift for any man.

  • How do I change my preferences?

    At present, any changes must be made using As of early February, you will be able to login and make any changes and amendments yourself.

  • Can I choose my colours?

    You can select your preferred style and size, but colour is picked at random based on previous shipments. We are working on a way to allow choosing individual styles and hope to have that live by next year.

  • What if I don’t like the underwear?

    In a recent survey, 83% of men rated DaDa as their most comfortable pairs so we’re confident you will. As with all underwear, we are unable to take returns for hygiene reasons, but if you email us at, we will endeavour to resolve any issues.

  • When will I receive my first pair?

    Your underwear will be sent out the 1st of the month following full payment being received, i.e. if you pay £50 for one year, you will receive your first pair early the following month. If you pay £5 a month, you will receive your first pair the month after three payments have been taken.

  • How can I cancel?

    From February, you will be able to login and cancel at any time, but until then, just email and we will cancel your subscription immediately. If you cancel after payments have been taken, but you are yet to receive a pair, we can delay cancellation.